What is SEO ?

Well, to break the words apart, It is Search engine optimization and it is the process by which you increase the visibility of your website in the search results when you perform a search operation.


Okay, Before I dive into the details let me ask you something? Do you know the meaning of  voracious ??? Well, Most of you may be having some idea about it, but for those who have completely no idea what it is. What is the immediate gesture that you do in order to get the meaning? Of course, you reach out for your mobile, plunge into Google and would have clicked on to the very first website that you found in the search results. Well, this is what SEO is all about, to bring your website at the top position of the search results so that more and more users visit your website. And if you manage to reach the top position, you are sure to find your sales rocketing. A spell bounding growth in business will pave the way for your ultimate success and this is exactly what an entrepreneur craves for.


Now, Google is the most commonly used search engine by almost all users across the globe. People are increasingly relying on it from buying shoes to home appliances and there lies your chance to take your business to greater heights. But why do people consider it reliable?  It’s simply because they get you the most prompt and apt results for a search operation. No wonder, why people love to say “just Google it”..!!! Hope now you have some vague idea about seo. Keep reading for more clarity. Will get back soon.


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